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Contemporary art center located in the district Danton, in the heart of the old center of Le Havre. Featuring the work of renowned French and international contemporary artists, Le Portique presents a broad overview of… lire la suite

Le Volcan


The western end of the Bassin du Commerce opens up on Le Volcan, cultural area of Le Havre and national stage, masterpiece of Oscar Niemeyer, completed in 1982. Its architectural expression comes from the doctrines of… lire la suite

Le Havre is part of the national “Cities and Countries of Art and History” network which brings to life and into relief the heritage. Guided tours for adults and children: www.lehavretourisme.com. Perret Show Flat Schedules… lire la suite

Paul-Michel Thibault (1735-1799) was the architect in charge of the constructions of Le Havre fortifications and was also the hydrant man of the town. In 1790, he dediced to build his own house in the upper-class area… lire la suite

Manoir de Vitanval


It is one of the oldest buildings of Normandy, built between the 15th and the 16th century. Open for visits on the Heritage Days. Private property

MuMa is one of the largest collections of the French impressionnist works of art, including artists such as Boudin, Monet, Dubuffet, Friesz and Braque who were either born or raised in Le Havre as well as Renoir, Pissarro,… lire la suite

Dubocage de Bléville Mansion belonged to the merchant sailor Michel Joseph Dubocage de Bléville (1676-1727). After a nine-year voyage, he arrived in Le Havre and purchased the mansion. He set up there, with his son,… lire la suite

The tiny, historic town of Harfleur in the Seine Estuary has rich Norman cultural heritage for the period between the 13th and the 18th centuries: half-timbered houses, the Gothic church of Saint-Martin with its exceptional… lire la suite

Le Havre Natural History Museum offers visitors lost of temporary exhibitions to explore the riches of our animal, vegetal and mineral environment. Families are provided with various activities so that both parents… lire la suite

Just imagine: you are walking under the gallery of a traditional Guyanese wooden hut, and find yourself suddenly carried thousands of miles away to discover the charms of an exotic setting. You walk at leisure amid a… lire la suite