Le Havre harbour

The reality of HAROPA port

HAROPA, the 5th largest port complex in Northern Europe, is a joint venture between the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris. As the first North-European port of call inbound for world trade, the port complex – which calls at more than 600 ports worldwide – benefits from an outstanding geographic location on the northern seaboard of France and irrigates the European market owing to the river Seine and the high quality of its connection networks.

HAROPA is positioned as a major maritime hub in Europe, equipped with a competitive and sustainable logistics system. As it integrates the logistics chain from one end to the other, with an efficient and environment-friendly service to the hinterland, HAROPA offers comprehensive and high-performance solutions. Connected to every continent owing to a first-rate international shipping offer, HAROPA handles around 120 million tonnes of cargo by sea and waterway each year. With around one thousand hectares of land and estate reserves for industrial and logistics installations, HAROPA business represents more than 160,000 direct and related jobs.

To know more, have a look at HAROPA website www.haropaports.com

Le Havre, Western Europe’s major seaport

# 1 port for the external trade of France and for container traffic, # 1 French maritime place and 5th biggest port in Northern Europe

As a deep-water port, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre is accessible 24h/24, 7days/7, and accommodates vessels of any size with no tidal constraints, including the largest containerships in operation in the world at its Port 2000 container terminal. 3.5 km of quay length are now in service and Port 2000 will offer 4.2 km of quay length in final stage, for ship accommodation.

As the first port of call on import and the last port of call on export for big ocean-going vessels, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre has a strategic position at the entrance to Northern Europe and is included in the round trips of the big liner vessels offering the best transit times for intercontinental trade. The port recorded about 6,000 ship calls in 2013. It connects all continents by sea and calls at more than 600 ports in the world. Connected by all transport modes (road, rail, river and sea), HAROPA- Port of Le Havre provides fluid connections for a fast and competitive service to France, the second biggest consumer market after Germany and irrigates the European market including the largest economic centres.

Le Havre, a multipurpose port of commerce

With a total of 68 million tonnes handled in 2013, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre accommodates all kinds of cargo. It plays a major part of international hub for energy products, chemicals, bulk goods, heavy lifts and Out-Of-Gauge loads, general cargo (rolling freight and containers). 40 % of the supply of crude oil of France transit through Le Havre terminals. In 2013, 2.4 million containers passed through HAROPA-Port of Le Havre, that is more than 60% of the containers handled in French ports. HAROPA- Port of Le Havre also kept its calling for the reception of passengers, coming from or bound for England and also develops as a port of call for international cruises. Two hours away from the biggest French consumer market, it represents an extraordinary outlet to the world and a unique tool of logistics and industrial development. It is a first-class economic hub and it concentrates 33,000 direct jobs including 16,500 port jobs and the same amount of industrial jobs.